The documentation you are viewing is for Dapr v1.7 which is an older version of Dapr. For up-to-date documentation, see the latest version.

Preview features

List of current preview features

Preview features in Dapr are considered experimental when they are first released.

Runtime preview features require explicit opt-in in order to be used. The runtime opt-in is specified in a preview setting feature in Dapr’s application configuration. See How-To: Enable preview features for more information.

For CLI there is no explicit opt-in, just the version that this was first made available.

Current preview features

Feature Description Setting Documentation Version introduced
Partition actor reminders Allows actor reminders to be partitioned across multiple keys in the underlying statestore in order to improve scale and performance. Actor.TypeMetadata How-To: Partition Actor Reminders v1.4
Pub/Sub routing Allow the use of expressions to route cloud events to different URIs/paths and event handlers in your application. PubSub.Routing How-To: Publish a message and subscribe to a topic v1.4
ARM64 Mac Support Dapr CLI, sidecar, and Dashboard are now natively compiled for ARM64 Macs, along with Dapr CLI installation via Homebrew. N/A Install the Dapr CLI v1.5
–image-registry flag with Dapr CLI In self hosted mode you can set this flag to specify any private registry to pull the container images required to install Dapr N/A init CLI command reference v1.7
Resiliency Allows configuring of fine-grained policies for retries, timeouts and circuitbreaking. Resiliency Configure Resiliency Policies v1.7
Service invocation without default content-type When enabled removes the default service invocation content-type header value application/json when no content-type is provided. This will become the default behavior in release v1.9.0. This requires you to explictly set content-type headers where required for your apps. ServiceInvocation.NoDefaultContentType Service Invocation v1.7